Sunday, 12 October 2008

H&M + me = shopping addicted B-)

By Natalia

What a nice day today. My dad's brithday today, my parents' friends have alredy come, and they all are sitting in our dining room talking and laughing :) so nice. i like it so much when my parents are like this, so funny and talkative!
And i have some time free to write on our blog :)
Yesterday we went to Finland, Lappeenranta with my friend Karina and her friend Yuliya! A short shop-tour was really good, though we didn't have much time there and the weather was really terrible!
The center of the city is a small shopping world there :) Big markets, numerous shops...clothes everywhere! yay! we spent most of the time in H&M, which is a really huge store there! sooo many nice things! i've finally bought a coat which i have always wanted to have. It's rather classic, black, but i like it, as it can be worn with almost everything! i need to buy some bright scarf i think, will do it this week! ;)
Today for my daddy's birthday i am wearing a grey dress (don't know how to call it with a butterfly print on it and black short trousers!

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