Saturday, 18 October 2008

My hen party

By C.Elizabeth

I haven't written anything around here in quite a while! I've been very busy at work and sorting everything out for the wedding and our trip...
Yesterday, my friends organized a lovely hen party for me. I really enjoyed it and so did everybody. It was very nice to spend the night out with them. We first went to a wine bar, then to an Italian restaurant and finally to a pub which has a dance floor. As I said before, we all had lots of fun!

For the occasion, I decided to wear my high-waisted skirt from H&M, my mustard yellow top also from H&M, my tights from M&S and my shoes from Dolcis.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

My new old bag :)

By Natalia

Looking for a violet bag was my #1 idea for a loooong long time. and yes, i found it. Well, not in the shop, but in my grandmother's closet :P This bag was a present to my granny, made by my grandfather many many years ago. She has never used it actually, maybe once to go to a theatre... and now presented it to me, since she knows how much violet-addicted i am!
I am going to wear it with a black dress tomorrow on my friends marriage :)
will post the pics as soon as i can, but maybe only after my trip to UK :))
well, here it goes!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Yesterday and photography

By C.Elizabeth

Yesterday, we went out for a walk since it was a lovely October day. This probably was the last day for a while that I could go out without wearing a jacket of some sort, so I made the most out of it!

The top is from Primark, the skirt is from American Eagle Outfitters, tights from M&S and shoes from a shop in Canada.

On the way back, we walked next to Atherton cemetery and I took some pictures... I simply loved the way it looked from behind the trees.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

H&M + me = shopping addicted B-)

By Natalia

What a nice day today. My dad's brithday today, my parents' friends have alredy come, and they all are sitting in our dining room talking and laughing :) so nice. i like it so much when my parents are like this, so funny and talkative!
And i have some time free to write on our blog :)
Yesterday we went to Finland, Lappeenranta with my friend Karina and her friend Yuliya! A short shop-tour was really good, though we didn't have much time there and the weather was really terrible!
The center of the city is a small shopping world there :) Big markets, numerous shops...clothes everywhere! yay! we spent most of the time in H&M, which is a really huge store there! sooo many nice things! i've finally bought a coat which i have always wanted to have. It's rather classic, black, but i like it, as it can be worn with almost everything! i need to buy some bright scarf i think, will do it this week! ;)
Today for my daddy's birthday i am wearing a grey dress (don't know how to call it with a butterfly print on it and black short trousers!

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Autumn here and there

By C.Elizabeth

Today, as planned, we went to Manchester. We took my boyfriend's nephew to town to show him a comic book shop. Well, to be honest, Andy took him there while I went shopping for a bit. I didn't really enjoy it though, as it was way too busy. It can only get worse the closer we get to Christmas I suppose. I still bought a few things for myself (mainly tights), a few Christmas decorations (couldn't resist) and a few things for Andy (I like spoiling him). Here's what I wore today:

I do like those autumn days when it's not raining but is kinda foggy... It gives everything a mysterious side. I really miss the colors of my Canadian trees though. Over there, at home, autumn is fantastic, whereas here it's mostly damp and wet. I miss the way the sun shines in this time of the year... In a very warm tone, reflecting itself on the very flamboyant leaves. I miss the smell of the apple trees after the rain, when we go apple picking. I miss the morning mist, slowly disappearing, letting those vivid shades taking over. All those little and simple things that we don't always notice until we don't have them anymore. It's probably why I don't "feel" autumn the same way I normally do when I'm in Canada. I suppose that after not having any summer, I can survive not having any autumn! Anyway, here's how Canada look in October:

Friday, 10 October 2008

Bijoux, boîtes et photographie

By C.Elizabeth

Tonight it one of those evenings during which I want to do a million things at the same time as not wanting to do anything. I hate those! My boyfriend is writing (yep, he's a comedy writer and I can objectively admit that he's talented) and there's nothing I really want to watch on TV.
To be honest though, it's been a very long week at work and I feel like just sitting doing nothing is enough. The good thing is that I've only got one more week to work, then I'm off work for one full month. Such a great feeling.

I've decided to take pictures of some of my jewelleries, since I knew that working on my blog will make my evening more useful. Especially since I haven't written anything in quite a few days!

Anyway, here it is:

I might take some pictures tomorrow since we're going to Manchester again. We are taking my boyfriend's nephew as a treat for his 8th birthday, which is next weekend. Obviously, while they'll be doing some "boys" stuff, I'll do a bit of shopping. It's supposed to rain though... Ah, lovely Britain.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Unexpected sunshine

By C.Elizabeth

In opposite to yesterday, today was rather nice. A nice and fresh sunny day. Andrew and I decided to walk to a nearby (about 20mn)hardware store to try and find a draft excluder and a hook to put behind our bedroom door. It was a very pleasant walk.
I wore a jacket and a dress which I bought at Primark earlier this year. It was the first time I actually wore the dress because the material is very warm. I bought the hat at Accessorize and the shoes (Josef Siebel brand) are from Canada ( I can't actually remember the name of the shop).

Tomorrow is Monday, which means getting back into my work clothes. Rather boring since we can't really wear what we want... Though, I suppose it makes it even nicer to wear nice clothes during the weekend!

it's been a long shopping day...

By Natalia

Can't believe i did it :P
A new dress is finally bought! I couldn't imagine how difficut it would be to find a nice dress for one very special event! ;)
The dress i bought looks rather classy, is black&white and is not very long! reminds me 60-s style actually, wich i really adore! I have already planned what i am going to wear it with - a pearl necklace, a black fillet on my hair, black patent leather shoes. Haven't found a small bag yet though! but i have enough time to do that, hehe

Saturday, 4 October 2008

A dull and cold day in Britain.

By C.Elizabeth

Looking out of the window this morning, I knew I'd have to wrap myself up in very warm clothes before setting a foot outside. Dull and cold. Typical British weather. On the other hand, I was quite happy to get to wear my (thick) winter coat, which I bought in January at Top Shop. I also wore the warm boots I bought at Clarks, also in January, the lovely gloves Karina (from Norway) sent me for my birthday last year, and one of my hats, which I bought at H&M.

While we were out, we went into a book shop and I saw a very nice diary for 2009. And it has... Polka dots! I couldn't resist so I bought it. It's just the perfect size to fit in my bag.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Finally, my new bag arrived!

By C.Elizabeth

Today, I received my new handbag, which I ordered on E-Bay. It's quite an unusual color and style but I fell in love with it when I saw it. The color is very nice and I like having things that not everybody else has. I feel I've received it just on time for Autumn... To me October has always been the heart of autumn, so to receive this bag on the first day of October, makes it even nicer! Anyway, here it is:

I bought the October issue of Vogue last Thursday and I've seen so many things I like in there. I know I can't afford most of those things but it's perfect to get new ideas of how to combine clothes and such. I'm sometimes stuck in the morning, not knowing what to wear and it's awful. In the issue they also joined a little magazine about NEXT Fashion for fall/winter. It's a lot more affordable and some things in there are very nice.
Anyway, Vogue is always a fantastic magazine and this time is no exception! Go get it. ;)