Saturday, 11 October 2008

Autumn here and there

By C.Elizabeth

Today, as planned, we went to Manchester. We took my boyfriend's nephew to town to show him a comic book shop. Well, to be honest, Andy took him there while I went shopping for a bit. I didn't really enjoy it though, as it was way too busy. It can only get worse the closer we get to Christmas I suppose. I still bought a few things for myself (mainly tights), a few Christmas decorations (couldn't resist) and a few things for Andy (I like spoiling him). Here's what I wore today:

I do like those autumn days when it's not raining but is kinda foggy... It gives everything a mysterious side. I really miss the colors of my Canadian trees though. Over there, at home, autumn is fantastic, whereas here it's mostly damp and wet. I miss the way the sun shines in this time of the year... In a very warm tone, reflecting itself on the very flamboyant leaves. I miss the smell of the apple trees after the rain, when we go apple picking. I miss the morning mist, slowly disappearing, letting those vivid shades taking over. All those little and simple things that we don't always notice until we don't have them anymore. It's probably why I don't "feel" autumn the same way I normally do when I'm in Canada. I suppose that after not having any summer, I can survive not having any autumn! Anyway, here's how Canada look in October:

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