Tuesday, 30 September 2008

bracelet-o-mania :)

By Natalia

Hello hello :)
Making a little post about some some things that i really like - bracelets!
i really really like wearing them and have some of my favourites to show you ;)
have broght 3 from Serbia, when i was on Eurovision Song Contest, some were made by me when at school, but i still wear them, hehe, others are gifts from friends and relatives :)

Monday, 29 September 2008

Getting ready for cold winter months.

By C.Elizabeth

Good evening!

As I said in my previous post, I went shopping on Saturday. I bought lots of things in order to get ready for winter. Bought some tights (I still want more), knee socks, a very long scarf and a very nice pashmina. On the picture, we can't really see the details that are on the tights though, which is a shame.

I also bought a mustard yellow top, which I intend to eventually combine with my high-waisted skirt.

Then, we went to Boots and they had this very great offer on No7 products so I got myself some foundation, pressed powder, mascara and eyes shadow.

Hyvää iltaa / Good evening! :)

By Natalia

Last weekend me and my friends spent time in an amazing country - Finland :)
It's capital, Helsinki, is a nice place to visit just to walk round the city,do some sightseeing while walking along small streets or just relax in small cafes that would offer you those great sweet cakes... mmmm :)
Unfortunately we didn't have much time to shop there, but the Shopping Centers are really big there, what is really good, right?! :P
So, if you get a chance, go there! it's really worth it! lots of famous trends and the prices are not too high! Numerous discount stickers like "-50%" are almost on every door ;)
What i like most of all, there are lots of violet things!!!! i couldn't believe my eyes, violet shoes, violet sweaters...next time nothing will stop me from buying it all! hehe

Sunday, 28 September 2008

A sunny day walk

By C.Elizabeth

Today, my boyfriend and I decided to go out for a walk. The weather was so nice that we couldn't possibly stay inside. People living in the UK will understand that sunny days are way too rare not to make the most out of them.

I wore a purple dress which I bought at H&M, a white belt from H&M as well, white tights (so hard to find) from Primark (that's the only place I could find any) and shoes from Yellow in Canada. It was perfect for the weather: sunny but not very warm. Andy wore his lovely new shirt from Primark (can't beat a good Primark bargain) and his jeans from Burtons. Looking good as usual! ;)

Yesterday, we went shopping in Manchester. The main reason for us to go was that we needed to go to Parcel Force, but we decided to stay in town to do a bit of shopping as well. We needed to get a new duvet and pillows because we'll have people staying over in a couple of weeks. Though, of course, we didn't stop there. We also bought clothes. I will take pictures of it and post them tomorrow.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

On a Wednesday evening...

By C.Elizabeth

As I mentioned in my last post, I took pictures of the clothes I bought last Saturday. I thought I'd post them here to share it... Let me know what you think!

This new Shopping Centre just opened, near my work... and there's a H&M, Top Shop, Next, River Island... Great, just great. The only bad thing is that I might be going a bit too often! Anyway, I went to H&M today after work and saw some very nice cardigans a t-shirts... I think it won't be very long before I go back and buy them! I've also seen lovely tights, thick ones, just like I need for the damp and cold winter here. They have very nice colors as well. I like wearing colors during autumn/falls, makes me feel better and less tired.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


By Natalia

So many colours, so many colour shades! which one to chose? :)
My favourites are black and violet!
Black - always looks classic, strong and mysterious for me! it can be used in a combination with any other colour from the spectrum. It is always fashionable!
Violet colour is my love :P
"Violet is the highest colour in the visible spectrum. This colour is known as one of the "cool" colours. It has a very calming effect on us and is, therefore, very helpful for those people experiencing sleep difficulties or stress."
And, what's more "Violet, being the colour relating to our spiritual connection, can be very helpful for meditation and any spiritual matters.Violet is used a great deal within religions across the world." Mmmm for all people who like everything mysterious, like all those riddles and puzzles - violet is just the perfect colour ;)

A shopping day in Wigan.

By C.Elizabeth

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I went shopping in Wigan. I do prefer Manchester but sometimes I can't be bothered having to get a bus and a train... not even for shopping. (I did say "sometimes"...)

Anyway, I was wearing a dress I really love and which is extremely comfortable. Perfect for shopping: comfy and stylish. It's by Orion and for Top Shop. I bought it last winter.
I've decided to wear my tartan hair band, which, I think, added a touch of "elegance" to the outfit. I bought it at Dorothy Perkins.

I bought a lovely skirt at H&M. It's high-waisted and has some lace at the bottom. I've also bought some shoes for my big day, 2 bracelets, a nice white top (at Primark!!) and a very nice cardigan at Next. So, it was a very good day! I will post some pictures of what I bought a bit later.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Hey hey :)

By Natalia

Now i guess it's my turn to write the second post, right Kate? ;) hehe
I am really happy we finally decided to make this blog about fashion, as it has been our dream for a long time! :)
What is fashion? a difficult question, isn't it? ;) lot's of definitions, but i like this one most of all:
“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” (Coco Chanel)
So true!

First post : Introduction

By C.Elizabeth

Hello, I'm Catherine. Just thought I'd start this blog by introducing what it'll be about. Natalia and I have been talking about having a blog together for quite a long time so we finally decided to throw ourselves in! It'll mostly be about fashion but could be about anything as well... I personally thought it'd be interesting to compare fashion from the Uk & Canada (Where I'm from) with fashion from Russia (where Natalia is from). While fashion is international, I also think that each culture brings a little something unique and different. It should be very interesting and I hope we'll have lots of fun doing it.