Saturday, 4 October 2008

A dull and cold day in Britain.

By C.Elizabeth

Looking out of the window this morning, I knew I'd have to wrap myself up in very warm clothes before setting a foot outside. Dull and cold. Typical British weather. On the other hand, I was quite happy to get to wear my (thick) winter coat, which I bought in January at Top Shop. I also wore the warm boots I bought at Clarks, also in January, the lovely gloves Karina (from Norway) sent me for my birthday last year, and one of my hats, which I bought at H&M.

While we were out, we went into a book shop and I saw a very nice diary for 2009. And it has... Polka dots! I couldn't resist so I bought it. It's just the perfect size to fit in my bag.

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Ariella said...

haha, I didn't know you two had a blog either! So fun! And you have SUCH a nice layout... I'm really not happy with mine. I'm going to add you to my blogroll :)