Friday, 11 September 2009

All you need is ... SUN! (:

-By Natalia-

Hello everyone!

Haven't posted anything for a while here, so I thought it's time to share some new pics with you :) After all my summer exams and high season at work I got a chance to go on a vacation to an amazing place, called Cyprus!! I was so excited about going there, you can't imagine! Though I couldn't believe I was REALLY going to Aiya Napa till we got in the plane! hehe

The weather was amazing all 7 days there, we were sunbathing, swimming, visiting karaoke-bars, simply enjoying life (: It's such a great feeling when you don't have to rush, really.
We went to Aiya-Napa with my good friend, Katya, and we had lots of fun together (:

Here are some pics from the trip, hope you like them :)

Sun&sea - nothing else needed...

This place is called "Blue Lagoon" due to the colour of water... Beautiful,isn't it? (:

The flowers  in Aiya-Napa are simply gorgeous... 

I bought this blue top in New-Yorker just before the trip, but decided to wear it as a dress in Aiya-Napa (though I know it's rather short to be called a dress,hehe)

Those were 7 amazing days. Thank you Aiya-Napa !!!! (: