Wednesday, 28 January 2009

On a rainy Wednesday evening

By C.Elizabeth

Good evening,

I simply don't like not to write on here for a long period of time... though this post won't include any new photos. I've been ill with a bad cold for about a week now and had some other little problems so I didn't really feel like being photographed. I suppose we all have times like this.

Lots of interesting happened to me though. The main thing is that I found a long lost friend from Canada on Facebook! It's just fantastic. We've been best friends for years when we were younger until we moved to different places and then lost touch. I've been thinking about her quite a few times during those lost years and I'm so happy that I finally have found her! Things have changed so much in our lives... but strangely, in a very similar way. She also moved to a foreign country and got married there. She now lives in Japan! So now I've got no excuse not to learn Japanese. I've been thinking about learning a third language perfectly (since my Spanish and Italian are quite rubbish now) and was think of either Chinese or Japanese. Well, I found my answer when I found my old friend! hehe I know it's going to be hard but I've always loved challenges! I actually need to have new things to learn to be happy. Anyway, we'll see how it goes!

Also, a couple of weeks ago I bought L'Oreal True Match Minerals foundation and I really love it. It gives me the coverage I want and it does last all day. It's the best foundation I've had so far... I prefer to the Elizabeth Arden one I had just before.

Right, enough blah blah now. I'll go watch "24"! hehe

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A flat and a tag

By C.Elizabeth

I'm so tired these days that I barely spend any time on my laptop. It seems that all I do is getting up in the morning, going to work, coming back at night and go to bed! I think it will be better when the days start getting longer again. I'm sure most of you feel the same!

I've thought about writing a post about my flat for quite a while now and since I took some pictures of it over the weekend, I decided to finally do it.

I absolutely love our flat. The lighting is gorgeous because of the sky light and also because of the 2 Juliet balcony. It's also very big and in a lovely location. If only I could move this flat with us to Canada! hehe

Anyway, here are some pictures of our living room and dining room.

Natalia and I have also been tagged by Karina. It's actually the first time I do a tag so excuse me if I'm not doing it properly! Anyway, I'm supposed to post the fourth picture from the fourth folder on my laptop... Here it is, a picture of my sister and I taken in Canada in November 2008. It's quite funny 'cause this is also the picture I have as a profile picture on Facebook. =) As you can tell, I'm the fair skinned one... hint: I, at the moment, live in the UK!

I'm going to tag Daydream lily and R is for Rodellee.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Bits and bobs

By C.Elizabeth

I have no idea about how to begin this post. Maybe by saying I’m feeling a bit better concerning what happened in my family? I guess that would do.

After this very exhausting week, I was looking forward to having a quiet weekend. Wrong. We’ve been invited by Andy’s dad and stepmom to go to Ashton Market. I wasn’t impressed with it… Just a typical market, selling lots of useless things. Though, we saw there was an IKEA there as well, so of course, we went! We bought a new bookshelf since we really needed one. We were tired of seeing books all over the floor due to our other bookshelf being more than full. We also bought a new lamp for the living room. Oh, and candles. I always buy candles. I will take some pictures of the flat once we’ve sorted it all out tomorrow.

I forgot to bring the camera with me today (typical)… but Andy took some pictures of my outfit once we got back. It was dark and rainy outside so it had to be done indoors, even if it’s nowhere near as nice.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Better late than never

By C.Elizabeth

First of all, I need to apologize for once again taking so long to write here. Something tragic happened in my family last Friday, therefore I didn't have the chance and didn't really want to be on my laptop much. I don't feel like explaining what exactly happened because it's still not easy for me to talk about it... I'm sure you'll all understand.

I had some friends over on Friday night, something that was planned ages ago. They arrived right after I got the bad news on the phone from my mom... so it was nice to have something nice to do instead of thinking about it all. We watched movies and ate chocolate (bad... but so good!). I watched "Mamma Mia" with them and I really enjoyed it.

On Saturday, Andy's stepmom and I went shopping to a gorgeous shopping centre in Manchester. I didn't really feel like going due to the mood I was in but Andy told me I should go as it would do me good. I reluctanly went and he was right... I enjoyed myself. The shopping centre is fantastic and so different! It has its own China Town, New Orleans... I definitely will have to go again and take some pictures of it to post on here.

I, of course, bought some clothes. Though, I wasn't really impressed with the sales this year. I found a lot more stuff last year. Unless it's simply because I wasn't in the mood for it!

Anyway, I bought 2 lovely skirts, a gorgeous pair of tights, some bows for my hair and some makeup.

Black skirt from Top Shop

Tights from Dorothy Perkins

Blue & Red Polka Dots skirt from Top Shop at Selfridges

Since I'm writing a post, I also want to put a picture of the beautiful cardigan my lovely friend (and co-writer) Natalia sent me for Christmas. I absolutely love it! I didn't have a white one, so she got it right!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

After NY

By Natalia

It's officially here now - new, 2009 year! I have again this feeling when you wait so much for some holiday, you prepare lots of things, try to find really special presents, decorations, go shopping and spend lots of time in kitchen making different dishes ...and then you suddenly realise that actually New Years eve with all it's fireworks, christmas trees and presents is over!! well, the holidays can't last forever, i know :) anyway i just hope this year will bring us all only good things, only positive emotions and only true friends will be near us :)

For celebration i didn't wear anything special, just a black dress from H&M, my black shoes and the necklace that Kate presented me while i was in Manchester :)))

My mum made lots of tasty dishes, so that all our men (father, brother and my cousin) were reaaaaally happy, haha =)) you can see how our table looked like with all that food :) I wish i could have my mum's talent in cooking! she's really great :)