Friday, 10 October 2008

Bijoux, boîtes et photographie

By C.Elizabeth

Tonight it one of those evenings during which I want to do a million things at the same time as not wanting to do anything. I hate those! My boyfriend is writing (yep, he's a comedy writer and I can objectively admit that he's talented) and there's nothing I really want to watch on TV.
To be honest though, it's been a very long week at work and I feel like just sitting doing nothing is enough. The good thing is that I've only got one more week to work, then I'm off work for one full month. Such a great feeling.

I've decided to take pictures of some of my jewelleries, since I knew that working on my blog will make my evening more useful. Especially since I haven't written anything in quite a few days!

Anyway, here it is:

I might take some pictures tomorrow since we're going to Manchester again. We are taking my boyfriend's nephew as a treat for his 8th birthday, which is next weekend. Obviously, while they'll be doing some "boys" stuff, I'll do a bit of shopping. It's supposed to rain though... Ah, lovely Britain.

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Ariella said...

Oh, it's not good to feel all exhausted... I hope you feel better soon.
I really like your jewlery boxes... esp. the last one. Pretty! Have fun tomorrow!