Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Back from home

By C. Elizabeth

This blog has been very quiet lately. I’ve been very busy, that’s the least I can say. Wedding planning, work, trip back home to Canada… and meeting my blog companion Natalia! Yes, we finally met after all these years and it was very nice. Hopefully, from now on I’ll be able to update the blog more often and same for Nat.

The trip to Canada has been fantastic in every way. It was so nice to be back home! Going to America and all. That’s really where I’m from, who I am, so it was a fantastic feeling to be there.

Of course, between sightseeing with Andy, there’s been quite a lot of shopping going on. I also brought back lots of clothes that I had to leave behind when I moved to the UK. I think my favourite item is the pair of shoes that I bought while being in the United States. They’re mustard yellow and I simply couldn’t resist them. I’m annoyed a bit at the fact that I can’t really wear them at the moment due to the bloody rain but I’m hopeful I’ll be able soon!

I’ve also bought quite a few tops (warm) and a dress. I didn’t go crazy with buying stuff though since I knew I had limited space in my luggage!

On top of that, I bought a lovely skirt from H&M on Saturday as well as more tights (I never have enough) and some polka dots knee-length socks. I’ve been looking at this skirt for quite a while now and I finally got it. Couldn’t be happier!

The problem I have now is that I haven’t got enough room to put all my clothes in. I will have to swap wardrobe with Andy because he’s got more space on the top of it than I do. I also will have to put clothes in the spare bedroom’s wardrobes. Haha

Anyway, here are some pictures of what I bought. In a future post, I’ll put some amazing landscapes pictures.


Ariella said...

Oh, the skirt is the cutest thing ever. I love those shoes, too!

I tagged you.

Anonymous said...

What great buys! =) i love those yellow flats and the striped tops...