Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Winter thoughts :)

By Natalia

Hey hey :)

Back here...finally!! After so many days (or months?), at least after my trip to UK ;)) that's what i know for sure :)
By the way I am really happy that after many many many (actually 4, hehe) years me and Kate finally met! :) we've been planning that for so long and this happened! :)
Sis, you're the best :))
One of the presents she gave me was a very beautiful necklace, which is right on the pics :) i really like the colour!!!!! and another necklace on the left is my parents' present from their trip to Egypt in november 2009 :) You can see letter "H", which is actually "N" in russian ;) - the first letter of my name :)

A grey sweater was bought in Gloria Jeans shop in a big shopping center! i really like it :) have recently realised that now i really like grey colour,which i couldn't stand before! ))

i have also made some pics not far from my house, on y way to Uni, just to show how my city looks like now, before Christmassss!!


Nathalia said...

Great blog! I wish I could go to the UK too...
And I must say that you have a lovely name haha

Ariella said...

It's so nice that you and Kate had such a great time together when you met :) The necklace Kate gave you is really cute!

Catherine Elizabeth and Natalia said...

Nathalia, haha thank you :)) i like your name too! ;)

Ariella, thnx for the comment :) yes, it was really grat that me and Kate could finally meet :)