Sunday, 18 January 2009

Bits and bobs

By C.Elizabeth

I have no idea about how to begin this post. Maybe by saying I’m feeling a bit better concerning what happened in my family? I guess that would do.

After this very exhausting week, I was looking forward to having a quiet weekend. Wrong. We’ve been invited by Andy’s dad and stepmom to go to Ashton Market. I wasn’t impressed with it… Just a typical market, selling lots of useless things. Though, we saw there was an IKEA there as well, so of course, we went! We bought a new bookshelf since we really needed one. We were tired of seeing books all over the floor due to our other bookshelf being more than full. We also bought a new lamp for the living room. Oh, and candles. I always buy candles. I will take some pictures of the flat once we’ve sorted it all out tomorrow.

I forgot to bring the camera with me today (typical)… but Andy took some pictures of my outfit once we got back. It was dark and rainy outside so it had to be done indoors, even if it’s nowhere near as nice.


yiqin; said...

The red, the black, the florals. How awesome is this outfit <3

I n e s s said...


In-tree-gue said...

I love these tights

evita nuh said...

woow loove those tightss!! i'm atights lover!!!

Taylor said...

love the tights and the skirt