Sunday, 4 January 2009

After NY

By Natalia

It's officially here now - new, 2009 year! I have again this feeling when you wait so much for some holiday, you prepare lots of things, try to find really special presents, decorations, go shopping and spend lots of time in kitchen making different dishes ...and then you suddenly realise that actually New Years eve with all it's fireworks, christmas trees and presents is over!! well, the holidays can't last forever, i know :) anyway i just hope this year will bring us all only good things, only positive emotions and only true friends will be near us :)

For celebration i didn't wear anything special, just a black dress from H&M, my black shoes and the necklace that Kate presented me while i was in Manchester :)))

My mum made lots of tasty dishes, so that all our men (father, brother and my cousin) were reaaaaally happy, haha =)) you can see how our table looked like with all that food :) I wish i could have my mum's talent in cooking! she's really great :)



Ariella said...

It looks like you had lots of delicious food! Happy new year!

Betsey said...

ooh so lovely!
i love that last picture!

Sam said...

The food looks delicious! I wish we had so many food with new year! We didn't even bought fireworks

Catherine Elizabeth and Natalia said...

thanx, girls! :)