Tuesday, 23 September 2008

A shopping day in Wigan.

By C.Elizabeth

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I went shopping in Wigan. I do prefer Manchester but sometimes I can't be bothered having to get a bus and a train... not even for shopping. (I did say "sometimes"...)

Anyway, I was wearing a dress I really love and which is extremely comfortable. Perfect for shopping: comfy and stylish. It's by Orion and for Top Shop. I bought it last winter.
I've decided to wear my tartan hair band, which, I think, added a touch of "elegance" to the outfit. I bought it at Dorothy Perkins.

I bought a lovely skirt at H&M. It's high-waisted and has some lace at the bottom. I've also bought some shoes for my big day, 2 bracelets, a nice white top (at Primark!!) and a very nice cardigan at Next. So, it was a very good day! I will post some pictures of what I bought a bit later.

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