Friday, 24 April 2009

waiting for summer :)

By Natalia

Helloooo :)

Haven't made any post for a while, so.... here I am again =))
On April, 7 I have finally passed one of the most important exams and I am simply HaPpY! yay!! Though I still have to prepare a big project and make it's presentation in Uni, but that's in june only. So I still have some time to get ready :)

The weather is getting better and better here (what a surprise,hehe) and spring sun finally makes people change their winter clothes into something lighter :)

This is what I have bought these days. 3 (!!!) pairs of indian earings, violet shoes from New Yorker and blue shoes on a high heel, by Le Monti. I am happy! haha

Can't wait for summer to come to be able to wear all these things )))


yiqin; said...

The purple shoes look so sweet.

Suzanne said...

really nice shoes! thanks for your comment.