Saturday, 21 February 2009


By C.Elizabeth

I haven't done much around here lately but I simply feel that it should be something natural that I do when I want to and not when I feel I have to... Though, to be honest, I've been thinking of writing something for over a week at least. I took some pictures last week and all but we keep having problems with our laptops. Yes, both of them at once! Looks like we'll have to get new ones soon!

Last week, we bought some aromatherapy bath salts from the Dead Sea at Boots and I absolutely love it. It has some jasmine oil white roses petals in. The smell is lovely and relaxing and it gives such a romantic look! I really recommend it.

Here it is:

Today Andy and I went for a walk out to get some pictures printed among other things. Though, the weather here being what it is, rainy and nippy, I had to take the pictures inside. I can't wait to actually be able to go out and enjoy a nice warm day. If there's such a thing in England! Here's what I wore:

Bow from Accessorize, white t-shirt from New Look, yellow top is an old one my mom gave me, black skirt and white tights from Simons (Canada), yellow shoes from Targets (USA).

On our way back, Andy spotted a very nice jacket... and knowing I've been looking for one for what seems to be ages, he showed it to me. I really loved it right away so after trying it on, I bought it! Can't believe I finally found one I like. I can be so fussy! The cut is perfect. I'll take pictures of it later and post them on here.


♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks, gorgeous!!<3

I love your skirt, want it actually! xx

Ariella said...

Oh, I'm looking forward to see that jacket! The yellow top you're wearing is just gorgeous... I really like the pleat-like structure in it :)

You're so lucky for having a bathtub and being able to take a lovely bath with that bath salt you bought!

caiushia said...

that's such a pretty top and it looks great with this skirt! aaah and now you made me want to have a bath:)